MoD of Russia Reports for November 17th and 18th, 2022…

18.11.2022 (05:30) SMD Grad MLRS destroy AFU facilities and positions within special military operation Grad multiple rocket-launching system (MRLS) crew received data from artillery reconnaissance units and unmanned aerial vehicle crews, headed to the firing position and launched an attack at the detected positions of the enemy.
18.11.2022 (05:20) Mobilised personnel attend their training course in rear area of special military operation Particularly, 82mm Podnos and 120mm self-propelled mortar crews have attended the training.
18.11.2022 (05:10) Su-35S fighter crew supports bomber and assault aircraft within special military operation An enemy airplane and a launching ramp of AFU S-300 air defence missile system were promptly detected and destroyed within one of the sorties.
18.11.2022 (05:00) CMD 240mm Tyulpan self-propelled mortar launch devastating strikes within special military operation 240mm Tyulpan mortar systems are designed for destroying fundamental concrete structures, strongpoints, and large fortifications of the enemy.
17.11.2022 (20:00) CMD S-400 Triumf system crews repel mock enemy’s attack in Siberia Personnel tracked and hypothetically destroyed the airpower.
17.11.2022 (17:30) Mobilised personnel learn to destroy enemy tanks in Amur region Crews of 100mm Rapira anti-tank cannons neutralised static and mobile targets that simulated tanks and hardware at distances of up to 1.5 km.
17.11.2022 (15:15) South Ossetian Defence Minister attends negotiations in Moscow The delegation of Russian Defence Ministry was presided by the deputy chief of General Staff of Russian Armed Forces Counter Admiral Vladimir Vorobyov.
17.11.2022 (12:10) Russian servicemen assist in preparing Syrian school for winter Personnel have repaired the building and delivered stationery for its students.
17.11.2022 (08:30) Mobilised personnel about to finish their training course in rear area of special military operation The trainees practise air defence, using a wide range of rotorcraft UAVs capable of delivering firepower and launching it at enemy’s strongpoints.
17.11.2022 (05:00) WMD repair units uninterruptedly restore and fix hardware within special military operation The professionals from a repair battalion of the Western Military District are accompanied by servicemen conscripted within the partial mobilisation.

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