Maria Zakharova on Afghanistan…

🎙 Comment by MFA Spokesperson Maria Zakharova on statements about damage to the ecology of Afghanistan

💬 Surprised by the statements of individual Afghan officials, according to which the environmental damage caused by the activities of a limited contingent of Soviet troops is equated to the damage caused during the US-NATO period.

☝️ I would like to remind you that it was during the US and NATO military campaign in Afghanistan that the deadliest of non-nuclear weapons available to the US Armed Forces was used (in Nangarhar province in April 2017), which not only claimed many lives of civilians, but provoked a sharp increase in cases of severe diseases among the local population, reduced soil productivity in this region.

❗️ Nothing like this happened in Afghanistan during the Soviet presence, which was accompanied by large-scale gratuitous assistance to the Afghan people, massive construction of socio-economic infrastructure.


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