Maria Zakharova on Nord Stream and Lies…

💬 After the Nord Stream explosions, Western journalists, in search of a “Russian trace”, tracked the movements of ships using transmitters showing the location of the ship. One can imagine what would have happened if the presence of Russian ships at the scene had been discovered.

The problem is that Swedish journalists discovered movement on September 22-25 in the areas of explosions of ships … of the Swedish Navy.

The Swedish Navy confirmed this information, but did not comment on the target, stating “strict confidentiality”.

Swedish law enforcement and intelligence agencies classified the materials of the inspection of the site of the explosions, seized some material evidence and are not ready to share the results of the investigation even with EU partners.

Moscow’s proposal to conduct a joint investigation was not even considered by Stockholm on its merits.

Why? Maybe he is afraid that one of the Swedish patrons and new allies did not have time to destroy all the evidence?

This is exactly what it looks like.


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