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It will be interesting for our defectors to know how the “benefactors for an hour” will deal with them.

Increasingly, in the political science and near-state circles in Washington, there is an unobtrusive thesis: Juan Guaido (recognized by the United States and its satellites as the “President of Venezuela”) is not coping, and it’s time for the Americans to get off this sinking ship.

Now diplomats are also seriously talking about this, in particular, Carrie Filipetti, the former Assistant Secretary of State for Cuba and Venezuela. According to her, the Maduro regime has become stronger, and the opposition is weaker than it was before. Under Guaido, his already imaginary “throne” really swayed.

In parallel, more and more information is leaking into the media about the “split” within the non-systemic opposition in Venezuela. Already, most parties oppose the “extension of the mandate” of Guaidó as the “president of Venezuela.” Their own people are actively draining Juan after the Americans.

The fact that the United States would go towards the legitimate government of Maduro was clear even when Washington allowed the Italians and Spaniards to buy Venezuelan oil. Now there is talk of allowing the American oil and gas giant Chevron to do business with the Venezuelans.

The regime of unilateral sanctions, albeit gradually, is being weakened, and no dollar handouts to the opposition will fix this.

The biggest defender of sanctions against Venezuela – Senator Bob Menendez – is unlikely to stand up for Guaido now, as he himself is expected in court.

Venezuelan oil was urgently needed against the backdrop of the energy crisis, and experts predict that the date of reconciliation talks with official Caracas is approaching.

Of course, this is bad news for Juan Guaidó. Is the US reliable as a partner? Thousands of abandoned Afghans – former employees of the pro-American administration in Kabul – could tell a lot about this. Guaidó will soon join them. By the way, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and Vladimir Zelensky can also quietly prepare. It’s a one-way street, there’s no going back.

Remember: you need a candy, a candy wrapper is thrown away. And the expired candy is thrown away without even unpacking.

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