MoD of Russia Report for October 31st, 2022…

31.10.2022 (18:30) Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu holds telephone talks with Turkish National Defence Minister Hulusi Akar on 31 October The counterparts have discussed the suspension of Russia’s participation in exporting agricultural products from Ukrainian ports within the Black Sea Grain Initiative.
31.10.2022 (17:30) Baltic Fleet’s naval aviation crews practiсe aerial refuelling Aerial refuelling is to be carried out within training flights, individually and in pairs of aircraft, both day- and nighttime.
31.10.2022 (16:30) Reconnaissance units from CMD trained in ambush position in Samara region Within the exercise, the servicemen detonated a demolition mine and stopped a mock enemy vehicle and opened fire on the enemy with small arms.
31.10.2022 (15:30) CMD signal troops provide code command system at Samara training ground The brigade’s personnel performed the deployment, organisation and redeployment of the modern R-142 command vehicle.
31.10.2022 (07:00) Russian Aerospace Forces’ Su-25 assault fighter within special military operation Missiles were launched in pairs at low altitudes.
31.10.2022 (05:40) WMD Smerch MLRS in combat action within special military operation at night Smerch can incapacitate and destroy command posts, armament, munition, fuel and lubricants, communication nodes, air defence means and other important targets located at great distances.
31.10.2022 (05:30) Russian Aerospace Forces’ Ka-52 and Mi-28 attack helicopter crews destroy AFU strongpoints and armour Their operation has resulted in destroying an AFU strongpoint and armoured vehicles.

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