Marie Zakharova on British confrontational actions…

⚡️ In connection with the reports of the Russian Ministry of Defense about the involvement of Britain in the terrorist attack on the ships of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol on October 29, British Ambassador to Moscow D. Bronnert was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry on November 3 🇬🇧

The ambassador was strongly protested in connection with the active participation of British military specialists in the training and supply of units of the Ukrainian special operations forces, including for the purpose of conducting sabotage operations at sea. At the same time, concrete facts of such activity of London were given.

❗️ The demarche emphasized that such confrontational actions by the British carry the threat of an escalation of the situation and can lead to unpredictable and dangerous consequences.

👉 It was pointed out that such hostile provocations were inadmissible and a demand was put forward to stop them immediately. If such acts of aggression, fraught with direct involvement in the conflict, continue, the entire responsibility for their disastrous consequences and the growth of tension in relations between our states will lie entirely on the British side.


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