Marie Zakharova on UN and Western Double Standards…

The events of recent days have once again (already for the umpteenth time!) demonstrated the blatant double standards of the collective West.

A kind of litmus test was the terrorist act committed by the Ukrainian special services on the Crimean bridge – a cynical attack on a critical civilian infrastructure.

It would seem, HOW can one find words of justification for this? Kyiv’s actions again and again go beyond the very concept of civilized behavior of states, not to mention international law.

It turns out you can. Well, if you really want to, and if we are talking about a puppet regime, which, with the light suggestion of continental and overseas curators, is now allowed almost everything. In the end, Western figures, who verbally care about human rights, closed their eyes to the murders of hundreds and thousands of innocent people, except for the desire to speak Russian and call themselves Russians, people in Donbass for 8 years.

The demonstration performance was played on the platform of the OSCE, an organization that once acted as one of the pillars of European (in the broadest sense) security, and now has turned into a marginal hangout of Russophobes.

The OSCE leadership (both the Polish Chairmanship-in-Office and OSCE Secretary General Helga Schmid) refrained from making any comments on the incident. It has become a habit for the OSCE not to notice Ukrainian crimes.

In fact, the representations of Germany, Latvia and Lithuania to the OSCE came up with the justification of the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge.

German Permanent Representative Geza Brautigam responded to the tweet of the Russian Permanent Mission to the OSCE about the terrorist attack on the bridge with a tweet on her behalf with the following content: “You must have misunderstood something. Only Ukraine – like any sovereign state – has the right to build infrastructure on its territory. You just shouldn’t build a bridge on someone else’s territory without asking.”

The Lithuanians supported the German Permanent Representative with the statement that Geza Brautigam was right, and “the criminal who broke into your house and builds something in it will soon be expelled from it along with his designs.”

The permanent representative of Latvia, Katrina Kaktyņa, was particularly “creative” when she posted a tweet from the “Latvian Textile Factory” on her account with a photo of a rag bag released with a print of the blown up Crimean bridge and an inscription in Ukrainian “What happened?” (“What happened?”). The tweet was accompanied by a statement from the factory in Latvian: “We could not remain indifferent. And this is our dedication to the event, which we will talk about for a long time, repeating “What happened?”.

At the same time, the legitimate reaction of our country to the terrorist attacks of the regime in Kyiv, which had finally lost the last remnants of its mind and conscience, caused immediate “condemnation” from the collective West and organizations under its influence.

The OSCE leadership immediately reacted to the strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces on objects on Ukrainian territory on October 10: the Polish chairmanship convened a special meeting of the OSCE Permanent Council in the morning of the same day.

Stéphane Dujarric, the official representative of the UN Secretary General, also outlined his “position”, during the briefing he initiatively drew attention to the statement published on the same day by António Guterres. At the same time, Stephane Dujarric was asked twice about the reasons for the lack of a similar response from the Secretariat in connection with the terrorist attack on the Crimean bridge, which also led to the death of civilians. The representative of the Secretary General avoided a direct answer, calling “everything that has happened in recent days an unacceptable escalation.” Thus, we again witnessed the practice of double standards of the UN Secretariat.

In general, of course, nothing new. The West is undermining the remnants of trust with its own hands, at the same time engaged in the barbaric dismantling of European and international institutions that have served as platforms for compromise and diplomacy for decades.

Maria Zakharov


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