Marie Zakharova on West desire to kill Russians…

Rapper Kanye West was blocked on Instagram and then on Twitter for anti-Semitic remarks. The entire American public was alarmed against the musician.

I wonder where those denunciations were when Meta legalized calls for murder and violence against Russians de facto by refusing to remove and moderate such posts and calling it “a departure from the Facebook rules”?

In the light of the events with Kanye West, I would like to once again raise the issue of hundreds and thousands of Russophobic and misanthropic statements that appear every day on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook with the full connivance of these online platforms. According to the study, in just the first six months, more than 141.5 thousand anti-Russian posts and comments appeared in the English-speaking segment of the Internet. Why haven’t these posts been deleted?

Or #ThisOther?

When will they block, for example, the following characters? 👇

Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine D. Kuleba, June 28: Russia is a country of killers.

Freelance adviser to the Office of the President of Ukraine A.Arestovich, September 13: Aunts and uncles of the teacher who were going to teach Ukrainian children to love Russia will sit down.

Former Ambassador of Ukraine to Germany A. Melnyk, October 11: Russia is an absolute evil.

Ex-President of Ukraine P. Poroshenko, May 4: Russia, a terrorist state, should become a pariah along with North Korea. Putin is more of a terrorist than Osama bin Laden. And Russia is worse than ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

President of Lithuania G.Nauseda, June 24: We must clearly define Russia as a clear long-term threat to the entire Euro-Atlantic region.

Lithuanian Prime Minister I. Simonyte, April 3: Russia has ceased to be a civilized country. I don’t know if it has ever been like that, certainly not now.

An employee of the American analytical center “Atlantic Council” M. Fandrer, October 11: My desire is to see a brutally defeated and destroyed Russia. Russia is evil in this world.

Swedish economist and diplomat A. Oslund, October 11: It’s time to expel all Russian diplomats and close all Russian embassies in decent countries. Why harbor liars, spies and terrorists? Drive them out!

And what about the “Russians swim only in blood” campaign launched on Twitter in July, which became a dirty response to the election of Russian woman Maria Polyakova to the commission of athletes of the International Swimming Federation? See for yourself – the disgusting tweets published as part of the action are in place.

Do not lag behind Western politicians and “experts” and ordinary users who do not hesitate to publish calls for violence in the style of “Good Russian – dead Russian” and “burn Rusnya”, cruel photos and videos. The dehumanization of Russians is only encouraged by the administrations of social networks. Just a few examples:

Maxim Perebiynis – Burn the vile Rusnya

janco777 – Destroy all Russians on earth to the last

Slavik Khlebnikov – All Russians need to be destroyed faster from St. Petersburg to Alyaksi

Yuri Gorolyuk – Kill all Russians

Complaints about these reference examples of hate speech are rejected by the administration of American digital platforms: these users do not violate our security rules.

Maria Zakharov


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