McDonalds to Open 40 New Restaurants in Russia!

Hello,Windows to Russia!

Yesterday we talked about Russian fast food. (Link) Today we are going to talk about the growth of McDonald’s fast food in Russia.

McDonald’s, is the world’s largest fast food chain and the largest in Russia. It seems that they are going to invest at least $120 million in opening about 40 restaurants in various parts of Russia during the fiscal year 2009. This is based on a $3-4 million per restaurant bases. McDonald’s is also planning to remodel certain stores and install updated fixtures and decor.

A big issue for McDonald’s is to have a 100% production of McDonald’s products made inside Russia. As of this writing 80% is home grown and McDonald’s wants to move that 20% outsourced to home grown by the end of 2009.

McDonald’s fast food chain in Russia includes over 200 restaurants. Though on the small side for a chain of stores, Russian McDonald’s have some of the highest volume in the business and people in Russia just Love McDonald’s.

Kyle & Svet