In Russia it is said that chickens are milked, and cows carry eggs. (A mockery of those who believe ridiculous rumors.)

Media Concentration in G8 Countries

Media Concentration: Concentration of media ownership (also known as media consolidation or media convergence) is a process whereby progressively fewer individuals or organizations control increasing shares of the mass media. Contemporary research demonstrates increasing levels of consolidation, with many media industries already highly concentrated and dominated by a very small number of firms…

Degree of Media Concentration in G8 Countries:

Below the percentage represents value of TV distribution market (cable companies, satellite dish companies) controlled by companies that also create TV content (broadcasters, production companies). In order of outstanding to unpleasant and the more diminutive the percent is, the more desirable the outcome…

8. Russia – 0%
7. Germany – 7.1%
6. United States – 23.1%
5. France – 27%
4. United Kingdom – 31%
3. Italy – 33%
2. Japan – 37.5%
1. Canada – 81.4%

Well, well, well and some more well!

media_concentration-224x300Just look at Russia and you will see some of that freedom and liberty that I am talking about. Remember this is the G8 that we are talking about and media concentration is a very important tool used by the west to control the population, within the countries boundaries…

I was not surprised by Germany, but Canada was a surprise to me. Freedom is not a controlled press or media of any type. It is strange because this is the most important type of control that I see affecting our world and we do not even look at it as a serious issue; Shouldn’t that mean anything to us?

Media concentration is a “Big Brother – 1984 phenomenon!”

Yes we have lots of degrading of our freedoms and they are being done right under our noses, during our normalcy induced state of inactivity resembling, unconsciousness, dormancy or hibernation on our part…

Media concentration is a bad thing…

Post by Kyle Keeton
Windows to Russia…

The copy scores 46.7 in the Flesch Reading Ease test, which is considered difficult to read…

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