Medvedev, About a Lesson in Recent History…

Today is the funeral of the first and last President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev.
But my post is not about him and not about the underlying causes of the collapse of the USSR.

I wanted to speak about one completely obvious, but critically dangerous situation for the fate of any state, which happened at the end of Soviet power. About the instant collapse of state institutions. It is this degradation that triggers the irreversible process of disintegration of the state.

I remember well the time when, in 1991, acts of the central authorities practically ceased to be enforced locally. I emphasize that the USSR still existed, all the elements of the federal government seemed to be operating, although some of them had already been bashfully renamed. So, the Council of Ministers of the USSR became the Cabinet of Ministers of the USSR, and then – the Inter-Republican Economic Committee. But from the organs and structures of the state machine, it was as if they had pulled out all the energy of the imperious will, the effectiveness of the administrative action and the power of control over the decisions made. All the teams of the union center seemed to fall into a vacuum, went into the sand of chatter and quiet sabotage. And, let me remind you, in words everyone recognized the need to implement the Union Constitution and Union legislation. However, this turned out to be monstrously small. The flywheel of the disintegration of the country was already spinning at the first cosmic speed. And it’s all over…

Why did I remember this? I watch how overseas analysts again write with trembling hands about the inevitability of the death of all empires. And many Western politicians are loudly talking about it out loud. They say the Spanish empire collapsed, the English empire collapsed, others also ended their century. But Russia is not, even despite the death of the USSR. It’s kind of bad. Therefore, it is necessary by all means to push our country to a new round of disintegration, taking advantage of the military conflict in Ukraine. To do everything so that the state institutions of Russia stop working. To deprive the country of effective governance, as it was back in 1991. And, as a result, eliminate Russia from the political field.

It is clear that all these are dirty dreams of the Anglo-Saxon perverts, falling asleep with the secret thought of the collapse of our state. Thinking about how to cut us to pieces, tear us into small pieces. But such attempts are really extremely dangerous. They cannot be underestimated. As well as another.

These “dreamers” deliberately ignore a simple axiom: the violent disintegration of a nuclear power is always a chess game with Death, in which it is known exactly when it will be checkmate. Judgment day of mankind.

P.S. By the way, for all the difference in assessments of the behavior of the top leadership of the USSR and Russia at that time, it should be noted that they were smart enough not to let the giant nuclear arsenal of the Union be torn apart by the newly formed national apartments. The consequences could be swift and disastrous for our small earthly World. The entire strategic nuclear arsenal then remained in our country. And it is supported by us at a very high level. And this is the best guarantee of the preservation of Great Russia.



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