Another – MoD of Russia Reports for September 3, 2022…

03.09.2022 (17:05) Pacific Fleet naval raid assault groups search mock enemy’s submarines within Vostok 2022 exercise Anti-submarine corvettes detected and classified the underwater target as mock enemy’s submarine and launched depth rocket-propelled bombs using RBU-6000 systems.
03.09.2022 (16:00) EMD NBC protection troops eliminate effects of simulated technogenic accident within Vostok 2022 exercise Personnel of NBC protection units have practiced decontamination and degasation of terrain, military and special equipment, armament and facilities located at the area of simulated contamination.
03.09.2022 (14:00) Russian and Chinese combat ships practice organising all types of defence in Sea of Japan within Vostok 2022 exercise Joint naval training involves over 10 combat ships and auxiliary vessels of the two countries.
03.09.2022 (10:00) EMD Pantsir-S system crews eliminate over 10 simulated helicopters within Vostok 2022 The exercise has involved the personnel of air defence missile gun battalions from one of the formations of air defence troops of the Eastern Military District located in Primorye region.
03.09.2022 (09:00) EMD NBC protection professionals camouflage convoy of military equipment within Vostok 2022 exercise Special equipment adopted by NBC protection formations of the Eastern Military District was used for performing special tasks.
03.09.2022 (08:00) EMD air defence units repel mock enemy’s massive missile attack within Vostok 2022 exercise Servicemen that form part of S-300PS system crews practiced to detect aircraft and to launch missiles after identifying the targets and taking the decision to destroy them.
03.09.2022 (07:00) Tu-95MS strategic missile carriers examine EMD air defence within Vostok 2022 exercise The flight had lasted over nine hours. The airplanes had been moving at minimum intervals and distances, at over 8.5 kilometres of altitude and at a speed of 750 kph.
03.09.2022 (06:15) Russian paratroopers eliminate AFU advancing units Once the combat task was accomplished, units of Airborne Troops changed their firing position


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