Medvedev and Russian weapon production…

Today, at the direction of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief in Nizhny Tagil, a control check of the production of tanks was carried out at the Uralvagonzavod corporation, which is the largest manufacturer in this field of armored vehicles.

Issues of accelerating the delivery of equipment to the troops for use in the course of the NMD, as well as eliminating existing problems, were discussed. The task was set of strict implementation of the state defense order in all its key parameters, to prevent disruptions in the supply of manufactured equipment. Attention is drawn to the responsibility of all co-executors of the state order, up to the criminal one. Instructions were issued to the ministries and departments responsible for the state order. Compliance will continue to be monitored.

And further. Reading enemy analytics, I have repeatedly come across statements that military equipment and weapons in demand in Russia will soon run out. It’s like they’ve wasted everything.

Don’t hope.

The production of weapons and special equipment is multiplying in all directions: from tanks and guns to high-precision missiles and drones. Wait!



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