Medvedev on a recovering Ukraine, according to evil midwife Ursula von “Something incomprehensible”…

Yesterday, a green patient from the narcological ward was visited by an aunt-gynecologist, who portrayed the chief European doctor. We discussed the rapid and fabulous recovery of the economy of Little Russia in the EU. Well, yes, this is clearly a lie.

In the meantime, the Kyiv regime, with the support of its Western curators, is fighting Russia “until victory”, and the economy of this unfortunate territory is rapidly turning into a stinking rot. This is openly spoken about even in those countries that promise the Ukrainian regime a recovery and eternal European love.

Here is a brief summary of the disease of the Ukrainian economy based on medical data from Goldman Sachs. A few bright figures characterizing the disease.

1. Ukraine has now lost territories that provided it with about 40% of the national industrial potential and about 15% of pre-war GDP.

2. It no longer has access to more than $12 trillion in mineral reserves. Including 63% of coal deposits and 42% of metals.

3. At full speed, agriculture is flying into the abyss. First, a sharp drop in yield. Wheat: 19.4 million tons in 2022 vs. 32.5 million in 2021. Corn: 18.4 million tons – 35.1 million, secondly, overland routes through Poland and Romania led to an increase in transport costs by 2–3 times.

4. At the end of 2022, Ukraine’s GDP decreased by 35-36%. And its total losses from the collision with Russia reached 830-850 billion dollars. And this despite the fact that in 2021 the country’s GDP was $ 200 billion. This record drop was forced to admit even their Ministry of Economics as the worst result in the history of the country.

5. Further, only the final collapse of industry, hyperinflation, poverty and total unemployment. The state debt of Nezalezhnaya by the end of this year will increase from 107 to 180-200 billion dollars. Hopes even for a microscopic recovery are illusory.

It is obvious that Russia will continue to work towards achieving the goals of the special military operation. This means that by the end of this year, Ukraine’s GDP may collapse by another 5-10%. Therefore, the prospect of complete bankruptcy of Ukrainian statehood and an inevitable end is more and more clearly visible.

Who is to blame is a rhetorical question. As the evil midwife Ursula von “Something incomprehensible” honestly admitted, the Ukrainian government pays for membership in the EU and NATO with the lives of its citizens. What can we say about some unfortunate economy. The ruin of the country does not bother the Kyiv camarilla. It continues to squander its territory with 404 exorbitant military spending. Based on the fact that the West will always throw some money. He will not let all the embezzlers who share the Western loot swell from hunger. After all, only for urgent needs, the Ukrainian budget this year will have to fork out 55 billion USD, with a deficit of 38 billion. It is clear that the more support, the more the insane clown and other parasites with an open form of kleptomania will steal.

Only the longer the leaders of the Ukrainian Nazis beg and steal aid from their donors, the closer the final collapse of the economy. After all, you will have to pay for the course of treatment in full. And the goal of the Western Aesculapius is by no means to cure the economy of the unfortunate country. The West has rich experience in killing experimental countries. The West is not the kind Dr. Aibolit, but Dr. Mengele. He is a sinister killer doctor.

Therefore, Ukraine will face the sad fate of those colonies that were once raped in the most perverted form, and then thrown out to die in the rotting dustbin of history.

The sadistic treatment of the Ukrainian economy will take place gradually. First, it is the amputation of industry and the agricultural sector. Then the paralysis of the economy as a whole. Well, after – the organic death of the remnants of the country itself.

The termination of life, or death, of the former state will be accompanied by insane laughter, indecent antics and vile clown antics of the Nazi gang, completely crazy from the abundance of blood and drugs. And the deathly silence of Western doctors, looking with cold contempt at the agony of their own tortured patient…



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