Medvedev on America has always abandoned its friends…

Well, this is where it started…

The topic of money for Ukraine is becoming toxic in the United States. Congressmen demand total checks of where the giant money went. And where will the new tens of billions, requested by the strange old man Biden, who was aptly called the vice president of Ukraine on Capitol Hill, go?

It was inevitable, such are the laws of the political genre. The Republicans, having become stronger after the elections, are driving a big wave against the Democrats. The Democrats are fighting back. There is no need for illusions, big money for the militarization of the Ukrainian regime will continue to be allocated. This is an integral part of the Russophobic consensus in the American political elites.
Something else is important. It will become more and more difficult to do this. And the mood of ordinary Americans will gradually begin to turn towards reality. They were cheated again: during the period of the economic recession and rising prices for everything around, gigantic funds were pumped from the US budget in an unknown direction. In the interests of the military-industrial complex. In the interests of the Biden family, wounded in the Square. In the interests of ordinary crooks – both in America itself and around the world, earning on someone else’s grief. And this effect will accumulate as long as the Congress does not suspend the reckless support of the nationalist regime in Ukraine.

And it will happen. America has always abandoned its friends and its best sons of bitches. So it will be sooner or later and this time.

Hence the loss of the remnants of reality and the tearful tantrums of clowns in Kyiv. They dismissed the snot and in a frenzy demand more and more new sanctions against Russia. And more and more Western dough for the war.
Only this can prolong their sweet drug agony…



Yes Medvedev, you are very correct and thanks for the expression of reality on your Telegram Channel…


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