Medvedev on terrorism in the streets of Russia…

Terrorism is back on our streets, in our cities. But now those forces have engaged in terror, in which quite recently our sworn Western friends saw “the honor and conscience of the era.” Opponents of the “authoritarian regime”. Fearless knights of justice and the fight against corruption. The masks have been dropped. Here it is, the “color” of our non-systemic opposition – he is at war with his people, he blows up and kills. These bastards not only openly want the defeat of Russia and the death of our Motherland, now they are executing their compatriots. An unarmed journalist was killed and several dozen innocent spectators were injured at his creative meeting. They shot at a car with children who were going to the village school. They blew up a car with a female journalist and scientist in it. The circle of history is closed.

This trash has found its final place in the annals of our country.

The dumb-headed perpetrators of terrorist attacks today whiningly lament: “I was used.” This is probably true. The semi-debile expendable material used by our non-systemic opposition was lucky to survive. But this, of course, will not save the material from just punishment. Worse, so far, those main geeks who fed and financed the hired killers, who dictated plans to them, remain without retribution. See them? Yes, yes, this is our so-called irreconcilable opposition, which has been fighting against its own country for several years now with the active support of the West, where pompous films are made about it, awarded biased awards. All these stinking FBK and MBKh-media, Navalny, Volkov, Ponomarev and other Khodorkovskys have become just ordinary terrorists and murderers. They voluptuously enjoy the sight of the blood of Russian citizens. They flare their nostrils with excitement at the sight of wounded and maimed bodies. They devoutly swore allegiance to darkness and terror, along with the murderers of their native Kyiv Nazi regime.

Don’t negotiate with terrorists. They are exterminated like rabid dogs with poisonous saliva flowing from their mouths. No extra pompous words. As soon as the opportunity arises. Even if sometimes it takes years. Forgiveness and compassion are not applicable to them. This is what the highest justice is.