Medvedev on Western countries to ban the supply of Russian oil…

Today came into force the decision of Western countries to ban the supply of Russian oil at prices above $60 per barrel. These actions of our “friends” remind me of a crowd of drunks who have been on a spree, who, having drank schnapps with sausages and beer, climb into the icy water for the first time. We want to cool off. Some of them will quickly sober up and jump out. Some will learn to swim in cold water, but very poorly (it is difficult to learn in an ice-hole). And some will sink. And they will be buried, raising dreary toasts that they fell in an unequal battle with the Russian bear and General Winter.

Well, there they go! What is good for a Russian is death for a German.

It is simply amazing how humanity likes to constantly step on the same rake, trying to regulate prices to please the political situation. These attempts always end with the disappearance of the product or the rise in prices for it. After all, nobody canceled the law of value. So it will be with oil. Of course, it will not disappear, but the unimaginable will happen to prices. What, by the way, no one knows for sure, but I really want to try to get into cold water, so that later I can show off my decisiveness in the elections. One thing is clear – there will be no good for the consumer, that’s for sure. So let them stock up on schnapps, quilts and water heaters.

Still ahead, winter has just begun.



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