Medvedev talks about Russia and the way life is…

The goals of the special military operation were announced by the President of Russia and, as is known, are to protect the citizens of Donbass and to denazify and demilitarize Ukraine. Everything is clear here, and they will be achieved.

But there is another problem that has already been solved. Russia began to be truly reckoned with. Like with the Soviet Union. And in something more serious, judging by the set of sanctions. More recently it was different. I remember the presence of our country in the G8, when we were simply not invited to the G7 meeting, where economic and sometimes defense issues of Western countries were discussed.

If you are not considered – it’s bad. As in childhood, when people from the neighboring one came to fight in your yard. If you chickened out and screwed home, you are nobody and you will not be called anywhere else. And if you hit first, then the chances of defending your own become significantly higher.

Like this. That is why it is so important that the country is respected and taken into account.

This is exactly what Great Russia should be like.



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