MoD of Russia Report for October 6th, 2022…

06.10.2022 (16:30) Mobilised citizens commence training in Northern Fleet’s coastal troops In the coming weeks, the citizens conscripted within the partial mobilisation are to learn shooting, tactics, engineering, medicine and other subjects.
06.10.2022 (06:30) Mobilised citizens attend combat training in special military operation area Once the combat cohesion is accomplished, the units manned by mobilised citizens and volunteers are to commence operating.
06.10.2022 (06:00) Russian Su-25 assault fighters launch attacks in special military operation area Missiles were launched in pairs at low altitudes.
06.10.2022 (05:30) Mobilised citizens continue attending practical training in Leningrad region Particular attention is paid to individual training of each servicemen, the improvement of skills in using armament, technical and special communications and reconnaissance devices.
06.10.2022 (05:00) S-300V air defence missile crews protect units of Russian Armed Forces from airpower Servicemen of tactical air defence perform their work precisely, cohesively and professionally.

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