Marie Zakharova talks about western desire for war…

💬 We paid attention to Zelensky’s recent decree on the impossibility of negotiating with the President of Russia.

Kyiv first asked us for peace talks at the end of February. Then he interrupted them himself, leaving our regular proposals of April 15th unanswered.

The same thing happened with the Minsk agreements: at first they pretended that they wanted to conclude them, then that they were fulfilling them, and then they directly said that they were not going to do this. For 8 years they have been misleading the international community, while pumping up their own country with weapons in order to make a power breakthrough at some point.

The West does not want a cessation of hostilities and intends to continue them “until the last Ukrainian.”

Experts call this a “proxy war” between Washington, London and Brussels with Russia, which is being waged by Ukrainians. Their goal is to strike at our country from all sides. All this is said publicly.

However, these plans were not destined to come true.

We will continue to defend our Motherland and its citizens.


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