MoD of Russia Reports for December 10th, 2022…

10.12.2022 (05:45) Group of surrendered AFU servicemen receive medical treatment in special military operation area The AFU servicemen note that conditions are very different from what the Ukrainian media report.
10.12.2022 (05:15) After completing the training and combat cohesion, another units of the Western Military District, manned by volunteers and mobilised servicemen from the reserve, began to carry out combat missions within the special military opeartion The personnel of the formed units were trained at the training centres of the Russian Ministry of Defence and at the training grounds of the Western Military District.
10.12.2022 (05:00) SMD Grad MLRS destroy AFU facilities and positions within special military operation Grad MRLS recharge in a safe area for further attacks from new firing positions.


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