The Collective West, simply put, is worthless and nothing but lies…

Putin had trusted and was right to trust, but there is no trust to trust!
As Putin has found out the hard way…

Putin on Merkel’s words about Minsk agreements:

“To be honest, it was absolutely unexpected for me. It’s disappointing. Frankly speaking, I did not expect to hear this from the former chancellor, because I have always assumed that the German leadership behaves sincerely with us. Yes, of course, it was on the side of Ukraine, supported it, but it still seemed to me that the German leadership has always sincerely sought a settlement on the principles that we agreed on, within the framework of the Minsk process.

This only shows that launching the SMO was the right decision. It turns out that no one was going to fulfill these Minsk agreements. The point was only to pump Ukraine with weapons and prepare for combat operations. Maybe we should have started all this earlier.

Trust almost dropped to 0. How to negotiate? About what? And is it possible to negotiate with them? Where are the guarantees? I have said many times that we are ready to sign agreements, but this makes us think about who we are dealing with.”

SMO: Yes it was the correct thing to do and as is the correct thing to do is to not stop and destroy this cancer called the “Collective West”. If Russia does not? The world will die as we know it…

“When mistrust comes in, loves goes out.” –Irish proverb