MoD of Russia Reports for December 29th, 2022…

29.12.2022 (17:00) Baltic Fleet helicopter crews practise destroying mock enemy’s submarine According to the plan, mock enemy’s submarine entered the Baltic Fleet’s area of responsibility in order to launch torpedoes at Fleet’s warship detachment.
29.12.2022 (16:00) Pilots from Baltic Fleet practise launching strikes at mock enemy’s warship detachment According to the plan, the command post of the Naval Aviation formation received information about mock enemy’s intention to disembark personnel on the shore of Kaliningrad region.
29.12.2022 (09:35) Russian Defence Minister evaluates work of Parliamentary Coordination Group on special military operation General of the Army Sergei Shoigu has placed emphasis on critical importance of the work performed by the Parliamentary Coordination Group on the special military operation.
29.12.2022 (06:00) First Deputy Chief of Staff of Presidential Executive Office Sergei Kiriyenko issues awards to paratroopers involved in special military operation area The distinguished personnel of the Airborne Troops have been awarded orders and medals of Courage.
29.12.2022 (05:00) Russian signal operators practise deploying communication control rooms and adjusting radio network Russian personnel that form part of the regional group of forces continue their intensive combat training course in the Republic of Belarus.