MoD of Russia Reports for December 5th, 2022…

05.12.2022 (08:00) Mobilised personnel as part of Uragan MLRS learn how to defeat simulated hostile combat equipment on Sakhalin Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) operators surveyed the terrain and identified targets that simulated enemy combat equipment.
05.12.2022 (07:00) Laos launches active phase of Laros 2022 joint counter-terrorism exercise For the first time, a joint airborne assault operation was conducted in a Russian-Laotian combat training event.
05.12.2022 (06:45) Osa-AKM floating anti-aircraft missile systems successfully fight against unmanned aerial vehicles The radar and missile armament of the Osa-AKM can easily detect and destroy small airborne objects.
05.12.2022 (06:00) Mobilised personnel effectively participate as part of artillery units in special military operation Russian artillerymen are striking at distances of several tens of kilometres at detected batteries, ammunition depots, strongholds, and pillboxes.
05.12.2022 (05:45) Army aviation fire cover teams from Western MD fire control teams from the Western Military District continue missions in the special military operation area Riflemen of the army aviarion cover teams are tasked with escorting military convoys and humanitarian supplies along public roads. They observe objects and vehicles on the ground from the air and identify enemy firing points while patrolling the area.