MoD of Russia Reports for January 10th, 2023…

10.01.2023 (16:00) Military units of the Baltic Fleet host tactical shooting exercises with mobilised personnel in Kaliningrad The exercises are organised on special obstacle courses, where the personnel train to hit targets with small arms and change firing positions within a limited time.
10.01.2023 (13:30) Pacific Fleet vessels complete K-1 course task Personnel increase their skills in carrying out combat operations independently at base, counter-subversive defence at base, battling for ship survival, and preparing the crew for warfare and cruise.
10.01.2023 (06:00) Admiral Gorshkov conducts air defence exercise in Norwegian Sea The exercise involved tactical situation modelling facilities to simulate the neutralisation of air targets by on-board air defence weaponry and firepower.
10.01.2023 (05:00) Grad MLRS destroy AFU military facilities within special military operation The missile strike has resulted in the destruction of an underground depot, a position of electronic warfare facilities, and a munition carrier tasked to deliver ordnance for U.S.-manufactured 155mm M-777 howitzers.