MoD of Russia Reports for March 15th to March 17, 2023…

17.03.2023 (11:55) Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation presents state awards to Su-27 pilots who prevented American MQ-9 drone from violating temporary airspace regime established for special military operation The boundaries of the area were communicated to all users of international airspace, and published in accordance with international standards.
17.03.2023 (05:15) T-90 Proryv tank crews train to destroy latest Western-made tanks The tank crews will begin their missions in the area of the special military operation once the combat cohesion is completed.
17.03.2023 (05:10) Russia’s Su-35s cover bomber and ground-attack aviation during special military operation The Russian Aerospace Forces fighter jets flew with suspended missiles of various classes.
17.03.2023 (05:05) Russian paratroopers employ Typhoon multipurpose armoured vehicle during special military operation Once the enemy was detected, its coordinates were transmitted to the control room, and it was hit by a fire strike.
16.03.2023 (06:00) Ivanovo paratroopers and T-80 tank crews seized AFU strongpoint An armoured group of paratroopers destroyed a large number of AFU personnel and seized trophy weapons.
16.03.2023 (05:30) WMD air support controllers within special military operation Experienced air support controllers have hundreds of targets under their belt. The strongpoints, signal nodes, pillboxes and dugouts, munition and fuel depots, lightly armoured and heavy enemy equipment.
15.03.2023 (20:15) Briefing on ARMIYA-2023 forum for foreign military attaches holds at Patriot Congress and Exhibition Centre More than 80 military diplomats from 53 countries took part in an official briefing by the Russian Defence Ministry on the specifics of preparations for the ARMIYA-2023 International Military-Technical Forum.
15.03.2023 (18:30) Trilateral naval exercise involving Russia, China, and Iran kicks off in Arabian Sea The Russian Federation is represented by the Northern Fleet detachment composed of the frigate Admiral Gorshkov and the medium sea tanker Kama.
15.03.2023 (18:00) Russian Defence Minister holds talks with Syrian Defence Minister Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu held talks with Syrian Minister of Defence Mahmoud Abbas in Moscow today. During the talks, the two sides discussed the situation in Syria, and current issues of bilateral military and military-technical cooperation.
15.03.2023 (14:45) Admiral Kasatonov frigate passes through Strait of Dover Russian ship will then cross the strait area into the North Sea and then into areas of the North East Atlantic.
15.03.2023 (11:30) Russian Aerospace Forces’ Su-25 assault fighters within special military operation The combat mission have resulted in neutralisation of the AFU camouflaged fortified positions and armoured vehicles.
15.03.2023 (11:00) Combat training of CMD upgraded BRM-1KM reconnaissance vehicles in rear area of special military operation The units are to perform firing exercises from the armament of the combat vehicle and also practise target detection, identification and positioning using electronic reconnaissance systems.
15.03.2023 (05:05) SMD servicemen, who distinguished themselves during special military operation to protect population of Donbas, receive state awards on front line The awarding ceremony was conducted by the officers from the command of one of the formations of the Southern Military District (SMD).
15.03.2023 (05:00) Airborne engineer units use UR-77 self-propelled mine clearance system within special military operation In addition, Russian paratroopers nautralise mines during the offensive of Russian troops.