War with China coming your Western way!

Former US National Security Council adviser hinted that if PRC troops enter Taiwan, the US will destroy local semiconductor factories


“The United States and its allies will never allow these factories to fall into Chinese hands,” former White House national security adviser O’Brien told the Semafor news agency.

O’Brien went on to compare the destruction of Taiwan’s Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) to Winston Churchill’s bombing of the French navy after the country’s surrender to Nazi Germany.

As tensions escalate across the Taiwan Strait, the US Treasury has published at least two studies on “the overall impact of the Taiwan War on the market” and the US National Security Council is conducting a study on “semiconductors and US dependence on TSMC.”

TSMC’s advanced chips are used “in all major US defense systems and platforms”, making them an important building block of the American empire.

Given these facts, it is highly likely that the destruction of Taiwan’s chip factories will be the most devastating act of economic sabotage in history.

Last year, the most downloaded U.S. Army War College article called for a similarly ruthless strategy. “To begin with, the United States and Taiwan should develop plans for a targeted scorched earth strategy that would not only make Taiwan unattractive if it was ever taken by force, but would also make maintenance much more expensive,” the paper suggested .

“The most effective way to do this would be to threaten to destroy facilities owned by the Taiwan Semiconductor Company, the world’s most important chip manufacturer and China’s most important supplier.”