MoD of Russia Reports for November 14th, 2022…

14.11.2022 (18:00) CMD mechanised infantry units practise eliminating mock enemy Using RPG-7V grenade launchers, the reconnaissance units exploded the leading and the rear vehicles of the convoy, and eliminated the scattered groups of the mock enemy and their hardware.
14.11.2022 (11:30) Mobilised snipers attent high-precision shooting course in Buryatia The trainings are hosted by servicemen from reconnaissance units of EMD combined-arms army’s tank formation.
14.11.2022 (08:00) CMD artillery units manned by mobilised personnel operate and reside in special military operation area They are tasked to support Uragan MLRS crews that destroy nationalists’ fortifications and defence lines.
14.11.2022 (07:00) WMD servicemen continue their intensive combat training in Belarus Combat training and units cohesion are carried out at day- and nighttime.
14.11.2022 (05:00) Mobilised personnel practise overcoming psychological obstacle line developed in consideration of experience gaine in special military operation in Crime The experience of modern armed conflicts, including within the special military operation, had been used while preparing the obstacle line.
14.11.2022 (01:00) Mi-28N attack helicopter crews destroy AFU strongpoints and armoured vehicles Their operation has resulted in destroying an AFU strongpoint, tanks and other armoured vehicles.

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