MoD of Russia Reports for October 19th, 2022…

19.10.2022 (18:30) EMD mobilised personnel train to drive IFVs During the training supervised by experienced officers of the Eastern Military District, the servicemen overcame mine-explosive barriers, a threadway bridge, an anti-tank ditch, ascents, descents, and other natural and man-made obstacles.
19.10.2022 (17:30) CDM units neutralise hostile sabotage-reconnaissance group in the zone of the special military operation Russian snipers, using ground folds, fired at the saboteurs from indirect fire position by silent special application sniper rifles.
19.10.2022 (14:00) Mobilised personnel have classes on tactical medicine in Siberia After theoretical training, mobilised servicemen practise application of tourniquets and bandages, the use of improvised means to provide medical care, cardiopulmonary resuscitation on a man simulator.
19.10.2022 (08:00) Mobilised personnel continue engineering training in the Republic of Buryatia The biggest theoretical part of the training is focused on classification, installing, and detecting of mine explosive devices.
19.10.2022 (07:30) Mobilised personnel from Eastern Military District practice driving BMP-2s in Amur region Within the training the troops overcome both natural and man-made obstacles, such as a track bridge, an anti-tank trench, a manoeuvring area, a mine-explosive fence passage, and others.
19.10.2022 (07:00) Mobilised personnel perform shooting exercises with AK-12s at the military training grounds in Transbaikalia In order to ensure the quality of the training, the exercises take place at day- and nighttime.
19.10.2022 (06:30) Mobilised personnel of Eastern Military District improve their skills in firing on T-80BV tanks In Sakhalin Tank crews perform tactical firing exercises characterised by a complex tactical situation and a simultaneous combination of firing tasks to use the full range of weapons of the fighting vehicle.
19.10.2022 (06:00) Educational Centre n.a. the Hero of the Russian Federation Aleksander Prokhorenko opens in Palmyra, SAR Denis Gribov, Deputy Minister of Education of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Christian World Union and other members of the Russian delegation took part in the opening ceremony of the educational institution.
19.10.2022 (05:00) EW and Leer-3 crews continue tasks in special military operation The up-to-date Leer-3 system is designed for suppressing GSM communication using radio interference installed on an unmanned aerial vehicle.

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