MoD of Russia second statement June 4, 2022

⚠️Russian Federation’s Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response continues to carefully record the facts of the inhumane treatment of civilians and use of residential buildings, schools, kindergartens and other social infrastructure facilities for military purposes by Ukrainian armed groups:

🔹in Kharkov, the nationalists have deployed firing positions and artillery guns in the yards of the apartment blocks located at Astronomicheskaya street. Residents are prohibited to abandon their apartments under the pretext of security.

🔹in Slavyansk, Donetsk People’s Republic, the militants of Ukrainian nationalist groups have been deployed in the schools №5 and №6, in a music school, in a railroad specialised school, in a chemical-mechanical technical school and in a boarding school, as well as the heavy armament and armoured equipment have been deployed at a compound feed plant;

🔹in Druzhkovka, Donetsk People’s Republic, the servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) have deployed a command post in the school №1 (Olesya Gonchara st.), as well as multiple rocket launchers in the apartment blocks located at Sobornaya street, while its residents had been intentionally left without evacuation.

▫️Despite the fact that this criminal action can result in causing victims among civilians, the militants of the Ukrainian armed groups launch deliberate attacks from residential areas at the positions of the Russian Armed Forces in order to provoke their counter-attack and to accuse Russian servicemen of the consequences from allegedly indiscriminate attacks.

❗️We reiterate that the units of the Russian Armed Forces treat the civilian population with an exclusive humanity and do not launch attacks at civilian infrastructure facilities during the special military operation.

⚠️Ukrainian Armed Force’ units are retreating towards Lisichansk after suffering critical losses (up to 90% in various units) during the combats for Severodonetsk.

❗️Realising the impossibility to continue resisting and holding the industrial area in Severodonetsk, the authorities in Kiev have ordered the combined tactical group to plant saltpetre and nitric acid tanks of a volume above 100 tonnes at Azot entity located in Severodonetsk.

▫️According to the plan of the Kiev regime, the explosion of these toxic chemical reservoirs is to delay the offensive of the Russian Armed Forces units by creating a chemically contaminated area.

▫️Ukrainian nationalists are not deterred by the fact that this terrorist act with the involvement toxic chemicals can result in causing victims among innocent civilians as it already happened to the residents of Kremennaya and Rubezhnoye after the nationalists exploded a nitric acid reservoir at the same plant on May 31, 2022.

▫️At the same time, in case of implementing this inhumane provocation, the Kiev authorities plan to accuse the Russian Armed Forces of commiting a technogenic ecological disaster and to widely spread this information in Ukrainian and Western mass media in accordance with the practiced scenario.

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