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🇷🇺🇨🇳 Vladimir Putin held a meeting with the member of the State Council and the Minister of Defence of the People’s Republic of China Li Shangfu in the Kremlin. Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu also attended the meeting.

⚓️The snap combat readiness inspection of the Pacific Fleet. The Pacific Fleet’s Air Defence entered the combat duty in new position areas. Aerospace Forces crews flew to operational airfields. Pacific Fleet counter-sabotage forces detachment practice. The amphibious assault landing operation was carried out at a training ground in Primorye.

◽️In Kupyansk direction, the attacks, launched the artillery of the ‘Zapad’ Group of Forces, have resulted in the neutralisation of the AFU units.

◽️Operational-Tactical Aviation, Missile Troops and Artillery strikes of the Yug Group of Forces have hit AFU units of the 77th Airmobile Brigade attempting to counterattack Russian positions in the direction of Maloilyinovka and the 54th Mechanised Brigade.

📷 Press centre chiefs of ‘Zapad’, ‘Vostok’, ‘Tsentr’, and ‘Yug’ groups of forces make statements on current situation in the areas of responsibility.

📹 Russian Defence Ministry shows BM-21 Grad within the special military operation.

◽️Airborne Assault units training in  the rear area of the special military operation.

🇷🇺🇸🇾The soldiers of Russian Group of Forces in Syria took part in Resurrection Sunday celebration.

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