It is truly disturbing to see the west’s silence about attacks against Russian Orthodox Churches around the world and especially in Ukraine…

💠 Pt 1: The West’s silence about multiple attacks vs Russian Orthodox Churches around the world.

💠 Pt 2: Ukrainian militants shell St. Nicholas ⛪️, shot 3 monks in  Svyatogorsk, held  800 monks hostage & seized Popelnya UOC.

💠 Pt 3: Ukraine’s SBU, raids the largest UOC monastery in Ukraine.

💠 Pt 4: Ukraine proposes law to ban the UOC as the church is a threat to national security.

💠 Pt 5: Ukraine’s gov’t inciting attacks against the UOC over accusations of connections to Russia.

💠 Pt 6: Ukrainian neo-nazi arsons burn🔥 church of the UOC in Boryspil, Kiev.

💠 Pt 7: The Kiev regime arrests the abbot of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra Monastery & raids church compound. The  last Orthodox church in Ivano-Frankivsk was seized.

💠 Part 8 of the attack on Christian Orthodoxy🙏.