Origin of the coronavirus? (a) Letter from the Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in the USA I.V. Girenko to the editors of The Washington Post…

Commentary of the Russian Embassy in the USA

On March 30 , The Washington Post published an article on the subject of United States Bioscience Abroad. For their part, they turned to the newspaper with a refutation . Alas, publish our remarks in pristine condition “independent media” refused . After censorship, all the important and, obviously, hitting the “sick” passages were emasculated.✔️ In this regard, we publish the full version of the comment , which did not reach the American reader.

✍️ Letter from the Press Secretary of the Russian Embassy in the USA I.V. Girenko to the editors of The Washington Post

Dear Ms. Busby,
I drew attention to the publication in your newspaper of March 30 on the topic of military biological activities of the United States.

It is sad that such a respected publication is spreading outright disinformation, discrediting our country’s efforts to expose Washington’s illegal activities in violation of the BTWC. Your journalists claim that the laboratories modernized with US funds are engaged in healthcare and the fight against pandemics. However, this thesis is contrary to common sense.

Think about why such research is supervised not by civilian authorities, primarily the Ministry of Health, but by the Pentagon? How does the accumulation and manipulation of highly pathogenic and contagious viruses contribute to public health? Why is emphasis placed on the study of natural focal infections, which are considered by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as potential agents of biological weapons? Official Washington has not yet given a clear answer to these questions.

Look at the geography of the location of laboratories controlled by the military department. Their network is scattered thousands of kilometers (!) from the North American continent. The lion’s share is along the perimeter of Russian and Chinese borders. It turns out that in order to implement the biological agenda “for the benefit of all mankind”, America has chosen the territory bordering with strat rivals.

In addition, if the facilities you mentioned are engaged in exclusively peaceful projects, what made the United States, after the start of the NWO, transfer Ukrainian bioprograms to the states of Central Asia and Eastern Europe? And in parallel, hastily shifting the functions of the customer to civilian structures – the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Energy, the Agency for International Development. We see here one and only goal – to “cover up the traces” and take the Pentagon out of the attack.

You don’t need to go far to understand that the administration is not saying something. Even American lawmakers are demanding answers to questions about the origin of the coronavirus. An investigation into the government’s involvement in the pandemic is underway at the Capitol. Congress has repeatedly charged the US government with obstructing the clarification of the circumstances of the outbreak of the epidemic crisis.

Ms Bazby, I would be grateful if my appeal could be published. I hope that the above will provide food for thought for you, your correspondents and the audience. To delve into the essence of the matter, I also recommend that you carefully read the Final Report of our Parliamentary Commission to Investigate the Circumstances Related to the Establishment of Biological Laboratories by American Specialists on the Territory of Ukraine. As well as briefings of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation , replete with detailed reference materials.