One of the ex-Soviet countries that I really like was Moldova. Moldova was very poor. The villages collapsing. The only thing about Moldova, that was modern was the capital. Funny thing that was the part about Moldova I did not like (the Capital).

As I drove the roads of Moldova, I noticed the people. They worked hard and kept to their tasks. The people worked the grapevine fields. That seemed to me the largest farm crop by far. I do not drink, but if I did, I bet that Moldova Wine is good, if how hard the people work is indicator.

I enjoyed the villages that I saw and the food was good. The byways were never without a good well full of cold water, close by the roadside. This impressed me. You could be 20 km from a village and have a good clean well to get a drink from. That is something that you do not find in Russia or the Ukraine.

The roads had very few signs, But then again there was hardly any roads. 🙂 But the roads in Moldova were not in bad shape. Actually the roads in Moldova were good until we got to the Capital of Moldova called Chisinau. Then the roads got terrible.

All in all I thought Moldova was a beautiful and exciting place to visit. The farm fields were well taken care of, the drive was pleasant, the people friendly, The country was inviting to me. I would like to live there. The county of Moldova would be good for your soul.


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