Monastery Church Cross and Building Blessing… (Called Censing!)

By | December 16, 2016

Orthodox Censing…

-20 below give or take a few degrees. Too cold, but so wonderful to witness…

The new church roof with is steeple was blessed and the whole church was officially sanctioned yesterday. The Tiny Russian Village is officially a monastery and it is a wonderful place to live and be…


When the temple (church building) is censed, the priest or deacon will move in a sunwise (clockwise) direction, moving to his right as he censes in order the Holy Table (altar), sanctuary, Iconostasis, walls of the temple, clergy and faithful. There are two types of censing: a Greater Censing (which encompasses the entire temple and all of the people therein), and a Lesser Censing (which, depending upon the liturgical context, consists of censing only a portion of the temple and the people).

Svetochka and I took almost a hundred images of the proceedings and we sent them all to Father Pavel for his records. It was hard to only pick a few to post, but it was a perfect, if not cold day!

This as always is a record of the Tiny Russian Village. It is a very unique village in all the world and I am blessed to have a chance to live here…

Tiny Russian Village

We live in a wonderful world and as I always say, “You need to learn everyday of your life!”

Enjoy the pictures. You will not find these anywhere else. For we record actual life as it happens in Russia…

Bless the Tiny Russian Village and its wonderful monastery


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