Moscow’s Population Will Grow…

Many residents of the Moscow region will receive an unexpected boost in their social status on January 1, when City Hall legally incorporates huge chunks of land as part of the Greater Moscow expansion project. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin and Moscow Region Governor Boris Gromov will formally sign legal documents on January 1 that will automatically transform some 250,000 residents of the Moscow Region into Muscovites – a highly coveted status…

I also wondered what that did to the population rankings for worlds largest Cities proper by population!

1 Shanghai 17,836,133 Core districts 2,605.8 6,845 km2  China
2 Karachi 14,500,000 City District 3,527 3,683 km2  Pakistan
3 Istanbul 13,120,596 Metropolitan Municipality 1,831 7,166 km2  Turkey
4 Mumbai 12,478,447 Municipal Corporation 603 20,694 km2  India
5 Beijing 11,716,000 Core districts 1,368.32 7,400 km2  China
6 Moscow 11,551,930 Federal City 1,091 10,588 km2  Russia
7 São Paulo 11,316,149 Municipality 1,523 7,383 km2  Brazil
8 Tianjin 11,090,314 All districts 7,422 1,494 km2  China
9 Guangzhou 11,070,654 All districts 3,843 2,881 km2  China
10  Delhi 11,007,835 Municipal Corporation 431 25,540 km2  India


Looks like Moscow moves up a notch in the City Proper listings. Moscow looks to become number 5 on the list. That is interesting…

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