NATO Says: Russia You Can Not do That – But Russia Did!

Looks like the NATO visit and hoopla last week did not make much of an impression with Russia:

NATO doesn’t recognize agreement on deployment of Russian military bases in Abkhazia, said Carmen Romero, NATO representative.

NATO calls on Russia to withdraw its armed forces at the positions they used to stay in up to August 7th 2008, and let foreign monitors in the territory of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Romero highlighted the Alliance believes these two regions the inalienable parts of Georgia, and NATO position in regard to the territorial integrity of the country remains the same.

Previously Georgia Times reported that Presidents of Russia and Abkhazia, Dmitry Medvedev and Sergey Bagapsh, yesterday signed 10 agreements in various spheres.

Today their discussion will be continued. One of the signed documents implied deployment of a Russian military base in Black Sea coast for 49 years. The Foreign Ministry of Georgia has already expressed its protest and accused Moscow of attempt to increase its presence in occupied territories.

Fat chance of Russia heeding what NATO wants her to do. I have heard in the grapevine that Russia did not take to heart what NATO said in the meeting when Albright came last week and it really looks like that is true.

“Remember Russia has a different plan for European security and that is a major threat to NATO. As Medvedev has said, NATO is not Russia’s friend and is a threat to Russian security.”

Medvedev means it…

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