Thumbing Their Nose at Russia: Nabucco Pipeline!

You have to laugh at a group of political individuals that “want something so bad” that they will include the very one’s who they are thumbing their nose at! The Nabucco Pipeline:

Intended to ease Europe’s dependence on Russian gas, the US and EU-backed project has been stymied over finances and the need to find reliable suppliers. In January of 2010, Washington suggested that Russia could have a role in Nabucco.

It seems the pipeline that was to show Russia who is boss, but has to have Russian gas guarantees to even be a viable option. This is an issue well known in Russia, but the fact is that the rest of the world is now starting to see that by super sanctions on Iran and looming threat of war in Iran, that they can not begin to get enough gas to make the pipeline viable unless Russia helps out. The fact is even if Iran was a stable issue that Russia would still have to help out, to make the pipeline viable. Yes I know that there are several sources available but those sources are not reliable either. They also can not fill the pipeline and for this pipeline to work it has to have suppliers!

So have I missed something?

Does it make sense to build a pipeline to thumb your nose at Russia. Then you have to say, “Hey, Russia can you help fill and supply gas to the pipeline, so that we can still thumb our noses at you?”

Now of course Russia has the South Stream Pipeline and it looks like the last hurdle has almost been overcome and Russia does not need anyone to help fill that pipeline…

Seems that in this financial collapse of the Western world that building a pipeline at multiples of billions of dollars needs to be reconsidered. Let Russia do what Russia does best and develop her energy sector. I can tell you right now, that once Ukraine and Belarus are out of the picture, transit issues are gone…

But there are some in Europe and America that want the Nabucco Pipeline built even if they can not fill it with gas. I have heard said, that they will worry about that part later. They wish to thumb their noses at Russia at all costs…

Windows to Russia!