Video: Moscow Metro, New Stations Myakinino, Volokolamskaya, Mitino at Opening Day!

A good reader gave me a link on Facebook to this video about: Moscow metro, new stations Myakinino, Volokolamskaya, Mitino at opening day. Московское метро, станции Мякинино, Волоколамская, Митино в день открытия!

Svet and I have not been to these stations yet and looks like we need to go. This video shows a good look at Russian people checking out the new stations…

If you are curious about what Russians look like this will give you lots to look at.

Yes – they look, act and walk – just like you! 🙂

You can tell it was made around the beginning of the year because of the New Year Trees that you will see. (No they are not Christmas Trees they are New Year Trees!)

Enjoy the video…

Windows to Russia!