Nazi criminals should not be exchanged…

Nazi criminals should not be exchanged. These are war criminals and we must do everything to bring them to justice (c) Vyacheslav Volodin, 05/17/2022

I am now addressing our Armed Forces and the militias of Donbass. You are fighting for the Motherland, for its future, so that no one forgets the lessons of the Second World War, so that there is no place in the world for executioners, punishers and Nazis (c) Vladimir Putin, 05/09/2022

The Kyiv junta can amuse itself as much as it wants with high-profile publications in the media, replace the concept of “captivity” with more convenient ones – the fate of the Nazis of Azov, who committed war crimes, crimes against the civilian population, is a foregone conclusion. All of them will appear before the court.


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