The main statements of Putin yesterday…

🇷🇺 Russia should turn to its advantage the chaotic steps of the West in the oil sector.

Putin held a meeting on the situation in the oil industry with members of the government and heads of relevant departments.

The main statements of the President:

The main cause of problems in the global energy sector is the ill—conceived policy of the West.

Europe imposes new sanctions on the oil and gas market under pressure from the United States.

The EU countries set the task of abandoning Russian energy carriers — this is “economic suicide”.

The changes in the oil market are “tectonic in nature”, it is now impossible to do business as before.

The rejection of Russian energy resources means that Europe is becoming the region with the highest cost of energy resources in the world.

This can irrevocably undermine the competitiveness of the industry of European countries.

Putin said this at a meeting on the development of the oil and gas industry.


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