Neocons around the world are so happy with this news.

By | May 28, 2020

To a Neocon, no matter where in the world they reside and every country has these so called neocons, there is only one dream and that is to have the biggest bomb and better yet, The “BOMB”…

So be it early Christmas, your dreams come true, fantasies galore and or just plain want to see the world in flames. Well, your reveries are coming true…

Lets bless the BOMB and make things so much better!

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. President Donald Trump’s arms control negotiator on Thursday said the United States is prepared to spend Russia and China “into oblivion” in order to win a new nuclear arms race. “The president has made clear that we have a tried and true practice here. We know how to win these races and we know how to spend the adversary into oblivion. If we have to, we will, but we sure would like to avoid it,” Special Presidential Envoy Marshall Billingslea said in an online presentation to a Washington think tank.

Source: U.S. prepared to spend Russia, China ‘into oblivion’ to win nuclear arms race: U.S. envoy – Reuters

The US is playing right into the worlds Neocons plans and “throwing into the wind” anything that helped the world become a better place. Nothing has changed with how the world will play with their toys and thus, no pressure and restrictions allow many who so desire, to have Christmas and Thanksgiving all rolled up into one neat package…

Besides how can a country that is so broke spend anyone into oblivion?

Good question and it looks like Russia and China are smiling as America tightens that noose around its neck…

Lets all dream about our favorite girlfriend, The BOMB!

Merry Christmas… ~~


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