News From Russia: January 6th, 2009!

Windows to Russia!RBC, 05.01.2009, Moscow 16:27:38.Some Ukrainian politicians have gone too far inWindows to Russia! their attempts to solve the gas conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Andrei Isayev, chairman of the State Duma committee on social policy and member of United Russia political party, told journalists on Saturday. He pointed out that the conflict does not merely involve certain companies and countries, but it also involved hundreds of citizens of Russia, including pensioners. Isayev indicated that the money Russia lacked as a result of the conflict had been incorporated in the federal budget, and thus the Russians would be affected.

RBC, 05.01.2009, Moscow 14:36:37.Naftogaz of Ukraine has declined Gazprom’s offer to accept additional 15m cubic meters of gas to be transferred daily through the Kobrin natural gas measuring facility in order to ensure the supply of gas to foreign customers. The Russian energy giant’s press office reported about this decision of Naftogaz of Ukraine today. Gazprom, which suspended natural gas supplies to Ukraine on January 1, has announced that Ukraine was siphoning off gas aimed for European consumers. On January 3, Ukraine has admitted to siphoning off 25m cubic meters of gas for technological purposes. Gazprom views such actions as “direct stealing.” Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Balkan States have already suffered because of Ukraine’s actions. Gazprom is planning to file a lawsuit against Naftogaz of Ukraine and force it to ensure uninterrupted natural gas transit to Europe. Furthermore, the Russian holding still calls upon its Ukrainian partners to resume talks on the matter.

RBC, 05.01.2009, Moscow 14:28:29.A Kiev court has made a ruling prohibiting Russian natural gas transit via Ukraine by Naftogaz of Ukraine at $1.6 per 1,000 cubic meters per 100 km in 2009. A relative decision was made following a lawsuit filed by the Fuel and Energy Ministry of Ukraine seeking to consider the existing gas transit agreements with Russia until 2010 void. As a source in the Fuel and Energy Ministry of Ukraine told RBC, the reason for declaring these agreements void was that they were signed by ex-Deputy CEO of Naftogaz of Ukraine Igor Voronin, who didn’t possess of the necessary power of attorney from the Ukrainian cabinet. The investigation into the case was scheduled for January 9, 2009.

RBC, 05.01.2009, Moscow 13:10:15.The latest escalation of military conflict following Israel’s ground assault on the Gaza Strip raises our deepest concerns, Andrei Nesterenko, the official spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, made this statement yesterday. “We have to stop the sufferings among civilians from both sides, put an end to bloodshed and ensure mutual cease-fire. One of the most urgent measures to be taken is to avoid large-scale humanitarian catastrophe in the area, lift blockade and open check-points,” he added.

RBC, 04.01.2009, Moscow 16:30:33.Over the past 24 hours Ukraine has illegally siphoned off 50 million cubic meters of Russian gas meant for Europe, Gazprom spokesman Sergei Kupriyanov told reporters today.

RBC, 05.01.2009, Moscow 12:10:17.Georgia and the U.S.A had plans to sign a framework strategic partnership agreement on January 4. The document stipulates for the cooperation between the nations in the security, democratic development, economic and humanitarian spheres.