Russia: If There Was A Gas Pipeline Around Ukraine – Ukraine Would Not Be Playing Games!

Windows to Russia!
It is real simple: If Russia could bypass Ukraine with gas then Ukraine would toe the line and be a good transit country. But as it is, Ukraine knows that Russia has no other way to get all the gas to Europe and plays games with the pipe transit system.

Russia at this point is being very patient with Ukraine but Ukraine has very short sighted vision. Russia will bypass the Ukraine pipeline before long. Then Ukraine will lose all billions in revenue that Gazprom pays them for being a transit country. Ukraine is a country that is flat busted now and it looks like they will be even more broke in the upcoming years.

My Grandma use to say: “Seems that when people get in a fix that they just dig themselves a deeper hole!” Ukraine is digging a really deep hole right now.

Several European countries have had their deliveries of gas through Ukraine cut off, a situation which the EU describes as “unacceptable”. Gazprom says Ukraine’s energy company has shut off a number of pipelines. (Link)

Russian gas supplies through Ukraine to Turkey have stopped, the Turkish minister of energy and natural resources said on Tuesday.(Link)

Gazprom said it would pump more gas through alternative routes via Belarus and Turkey to ensure European supplies were not affected. (Link)

Seems that Ukraine is unwilling or unable to meet the needs of Europe out of the huge gas reservoir that Gazprom has in Ukraine. Gazprom expects Ukraine to do their job and pump the gas from the storage and send it on to Europe.

We still have no idea if Ukraine has paid any money yet to Gazprom. They say they have but all banks are closed for holidays in Russia and Ukraine. We will not know until the 11th of January. Then if the amount that was paid is really there then that helps but Ukraine still owes almost a billion dollars in penalties and fees…..

Russia has put out the word: They will bypass Ukraine at all costs! Ukraine has lost all trust as a gas transportation country.

Kyle & Svet

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