Nord Stream Found Treasure Better Than Gas! (At Least I Think So…)

The Nord Stream pipeline development has exposed treasures that were not expected! The latest discovery was made during a search of the seabed east of the Swedish island of Gotland by the Nord Stream consortium, which is building a 750-mile pipeline in the Baltic Sea. The 12 wrecks were found in a 30-mile-long and 1.2-mile-wide corridor of the sea.

The find is considered to be exceptional because the Baltic sea has a lower salt level and by that one condition, a sea worm that attacks and eats wood does not exist in the sea…

This means that the ships, some as old as 800 years. Are in fantastic shape. Nord Stream has promised to not destroy the hulls of the ships and will do everything necessary to make sure everyone interested can find and research these ships. The ships found do not lay in the path of the pipeline so that danger is mute…

Windows to Russia!