This Is Why I Love Russia! (Stop That Car At Any Expense!)

I have watched this incident from the beginning and have been waiting to see what the Russian Interior Minister Rashid Nurgaliyev would have to say about this situation. Rashid has already had to express his dissatisfaction before:

The minister used his annual Police Day address last November to remind police chiefs that officers should point their weapons at criminals, and not aim them at law-abiding citizens. Shortly after this, he advised ordinary citizens to “give as good as they get” if they are attacked for no reason by officers.

It seems to me that Russia is one of the last frontiers when it comes to interesting things that happen. Russia has many strange happenings and this is an example of one of those strange things that happen in Russia…

The video will explain what happened and it makes me wonder what goes through the minds of people – be they cops or anyone else! Medvedev is working hard to get the police force in Russia to get their act together and then the cops do something like this…

Watch the Video and you will understand!

Times are changing in Russia! Heads have rolled because of this incident. But the old ways die slowly and if the cops want the people to respect them. Then the cops must change the way they treat people.

Reminds me of stories that Grandpa would tell about the old days in America…

This is why I love Russia – What a cool and stupid thing to do! 🙂

Windows to Russia!

PS: This video was posted at Mizozo first! I just noticed that he beat me to posting it…

Update a video by RIA:

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