Now Moscow, Russia Has Insanity Shootings Also!

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Here in Moscow, Russia it is nothing new for someone to be shot, just like all big cities in the world. But usually there is a motive of some sort behind the shootings in Moscow. Be it paid killing or just removing the competition. That does not ever make it OK to kill – But…

Do you ever stop and wonder what happens to a person when they just start shooting people for no reason what so ever. Does the little voices that are in their head get to them or what?

This has been a prevalent American phenomena until this year, but now with the boy in Germany a few months ago and then a Police Officer in Moscow.

Watch this video – This Police Officer is calm and collected as he loads his weapon in front of a camera and then proceeds to shoot anyone he sees. As he leaves the screen on the first camera watch closely and you will see the gun appear at the bottom left as he pulls the trigger at just a stranger in the store.

Follow the film and you can see the various different areas of the store as he walks toward the back and leaves. Shooing at people as he walks calmly out the back door. Remember this happened after he shot the taxi driver who was driving him to the store.

I have to stop and wonder about someone who does this and would like to understand what goes through their head as they put a gun sight on an innocent bystander and pull the trigger in cold blood. He is a young man and rumorers are that he was having wife problems. He has been arrested and will most likely be found insane.

I hear that Medvedev has fired the Officers Chief for not dealing with the man after the police force he was on, found out sometime ago that he was a loose canon.


Windows to Russia!
Kyle & Svet

Additional Video from Russia Today: