Russian News From Russia: April 28th, 2009!

Russia News Source: April 24th, 2009!Windows to Russia!

Siberian vets fight to save rare tiger hit by car:
Vets are working to save the life of a Siberian tiger hit by a car in Russia’s Far East, a regional conservationist group said on Tuesday.

Latvia wants $712 mln from Russia for Soviet-era pollution:
Latvia intends to demand some $712 million from Russia as compensation for environmental damage allegedly inflicted on the Baltic state during the Soviet era, the country’s NRA newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Russian Armed Forces to acquire new drones in 2010 – Popovkin:
Russia’s Armed Forces are to be equipped with new domestically-produced drones in 2010, a deputy Russian defense minister responsible for military procurements said Tuesday.

Russia to axe top military personnel over lack of skills:
A large number of senior Russian military officials are to be discharged over a failure to pass an aptitude test, Deputy Defense Minister Nikolai Pankov said on Tuesday.

Russia requests extradition of deserter from Georgia:
The Russian Prosecutor General’s Office has officially issued Georgia with an extradition request for Jr. Sgt. Alexander Glukhov, a Russian soldier facing desertion charges, a prosecutor spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

Russian tanker thwarts Somali pirate attack:
The crew of a Russian tanker has successfully repelled an attack by pirates off the Somali coast, the Russian maritime journal Sovfrakht reported.

Russia to conduct five tests of Bulava missile in 2009:
The Russian Navy will conduct at least five test launches of the new Bulava sea-based ballistic missile in 2009, the deputy defense minister for procurement said on Thursday.

Russian consulate in Mexico suspends work over swine flu fears:
The consular section of Russia’s embassy in Mexico has suspended its work until May 4 due to the swine flu outbreak that has claimed 149 lives in the country.

Russia-U.S. START talks to be held in Moscow in May:
The first round of full-format Russia-U.S. talks on a new strategic arms reduction treaty will be held on May 18-20 in Moscow, the Russian Foreign Ministry said Monday.