Oh how cool it is…

By | July 6, 2016

justwannaNo really it is cool! Cool as in +9 last night and about +20 yesterday and the same today. It is cool and I hope it stays this way. Life is better when life is cool… 😉

pieWent to the Big Village and stocked up on goodies. It was a good trip and we gathered lots of supplies. I had a nice donation that was to be used for stable food items and I did just that. Bought lots of canned goods and sealed package type foods. Oh and we also splurged on a small berry pie! We resisted eating it yesterday, but I have a feeling that it will disappear today. It looks so good and is locally produced. It is not a big pie and it cost 60 rubles, or about a dollar in American money. But it looks so good and the little kid in me keeps looking through the cabinet window and wanting to take a bite…

Do you know how hard it is for a Big Bear to ignore a Berry Pie? Fresh made yesterday and and it really needs to be eaten before it gets too old and stuff like that! Oh My……

* * * * * * * * * *

Okay! Back to writing!

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George gave Svetochka a serenade this morning. She heard him and was all smiles as she tried to go back to bed, but a bunch of woodpeckers decided to join him in his serenade and woodpeckers do not sing well. But George lead the way and as the woodpeckers screeched their chalk board scratches. George being the cordial host, sang as beautifully as he could. Then to the rescue of a single George, came three or four more Georges. They flew into the trees and within a few seconds; the sound level increased and after a few sparrows and chickadees came to sing, it was a concert worthy of Carnegie Hall. Sveta was amazed and I know she hears me talk about such symphonies, but now she heard one first hand. It makes a difference when you are in a surround sound of beautiful music, even if some of the singers are screechy. They all deserve to sing…

What a beautiful morning!


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