Our city in Russia is getting serious about pedestrians, finally…

By | November 11, 2019

“Traffic police officers in Korolev have been switched to an enhanced duty, due to frequent pedestrian related accidents.” RIAO in Korolev, the head of the traffic police department of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs for the city district, Sergei Adamov, said.

The city of Korolev has recorded an increase in pedestrian collisions in the area of ​​pedestrian crossings. These are marked crossings for pedestrians to walk and cross the roads. I myself watch and am very careful as I cross roads in our town. Even if the light says to go, you must hesitate for up to five seconds, just to let all the drivers run the red lights…

Particular attention will be paid to non-compliance by drivers with requirements to give way to pedestrians, violation of the rules for stopping and parking in the pedestrian crossing zone, running a prohibitory traffic signal, crossing the roadway in an unspecified place….such as the shoulder of the road and as often the sidewalks even…

Safety on the road depends on both pedestrians and drivers, therefore, both drivers and pedestrians must observe the basic rules under which the risk of traffic accidents is reduced. All pedestrians meed to walk defensively and all drivers must respect people walking as they drive defensively, as long as the pedestrian is following the rules also…

I will say this, “Many people are walking and act like they have no rules and that they are invincible. Everyday I see someone stepping into traffic at a crosswalk and strolling across knowing that they have a red light.”

The most interesting day as I came to a crossing, was watching a babushka saunter across a red walk light zebra stripe, forcing a bunch of cars to stop and one driver pulled on the sidewalk, ten cars back and drove down the sidewalk honking to force people out of the way as they stood waiting for the green walk light!

Really not sure who was in more danger at that point. The babushka crossing illegally or the people standing in a safe spot to wait to cross?

Russian Drivers Suck!


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